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The flagship game of Continuing Heroes


Welcome to United Protectors.

It is the year 2230.

The UECS 'Protector' a colony ship from "United Earth' is bound for the system of 'Trappist' when something unexpected happens. The ship is thrown off course and the damaged navigation locks onto another system.

The flight crew is awakened early, and the colonists arrive someplace completely unexpected.

An isolated system. A limited choice of planets. 


Welcome to a world where your character will become something more.

There will be no costumes unless you choose.

You will not have any help but from yourselves.

You can choose to form a team or work alone,

You will not know your true 'abilities' until they begin to manifest themselves.

You will be unique from among over a 100,000 hoping for a new future.

But then again...are you?

Who else might have these abilities?

Good...or evil...?

Working for the good of all....or only themselves?

Will your threats come from outside...or from within?

Welcome.,.to a darker type of Hero Story.

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